The OU Club of Colorado is a team of volunteers that are here to serve you and to give back to the University of Oklahoma which they love. Positions are filled each spring and are voted on by our sitting board and officers, and serve a one year term from August 1 to July 31. Officers can be reelected up to five years. The only exception is the President, which serves a three-year term.

The OU Club of Colorado is always looking for members and other interested individuals to get more involved with the many OU Club committees and activities.  Committee members are involved in the planning and execution of OU Club events and also interact regularly with the University.  SO PLEASE VOLUNTEER AND HELP OU AND THE OU CLUB OF COLORADO!

If you are interested in volunteering your your time and talent, please contact the OU Club of Colorado at ouclubofco@gmail.com


President:  Jeff Farrer

Description: Elected every three years, and confirmed in the Fall, is in charge of all the many operations and facets of the Club.  The President is the main contact/liaison between OU Alumni office and the OU Foundation in Norman, and the local members in the Front Range.  Jeff has volunteered to be Interim President for 2018-2019 until Carissa Cummins will take over full-time as our Club President in 2019

Vice President of Memberships:   Heather Turner

Membership Committee: Katie Thompson, Debi Ramert, and Dave Frazier

Description:  Responsible for memberships sales and product sales at the watch parties. Front line responsibility for fund-raising and engaging fans and members.  Committee and Vice Present is in charge of and control of the inventory of membership items and T-Shirts.

Vice President of Scholarships: Haley Wallace

Description: Works with the University of Oklahoma Student Recruitment office to put on Recruitment events as well as to implement the Club’s scholarship program in the spring.   All of our club officers are members of the Scholarship Committee and we have several club members that help out every spring with the Scholarship Committee.

Watch Party Chairperson/Host (Stoney’s in Denver):    Brent Thompson

Watch Party Chairperson/Host (Colorado Springs): Brittany Eagan

Watch Party Committee Members: Jeff Farrer Heather Turner, Katie Thompson, Debi Ramert and David Frazier.   AND everyone that shows up to a watch party…seriously we may put you to work.

Description:  Committee is responsible  for set up, decorating and tear down for watch parties, coordinates with watch party location on various issues to insure a fun and seamless experience for attending fans and members, doing various tasks during watch parties including greeting, hosting and Master of Ceremonies.

Vice President of Finance:   David Frazier

Description:  Responsible for club finances and works closely with president to track donations to the club and with the OU Alumni Department and OU Foundation on the Club account balances and fund availability.

Communications and Social Media Chairperson:   Daniel Dayton

Communications and Social Media Committee Members: Jeff Farrer, Brandon Todd, Aaron Loggins, and Brent Thompson

Description:  the Communications Chairperson and Committee mails out newsletters, updates and maintains webpage, and Social Media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page and email data base.

President Emeritus:  Brent Thompson

Description: The immediate past president.  Serves to help the new President learn responsibilities and serves to assist the new President in a multitude of ways.

2018 Coors Check Presentation to officers

2018-19 Miller-Coors Scholarship Presentation to some of the Club officers.