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Fall 2017 Newsletter

State of the Club Address
Welcome to the fall edition of your OU Club of Colorado newsletter. In order to preserve your inboxes, we have elected to go with a quarterly newsletter for this year. With the world of social media, more immediate information will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, etc. outlets. Now, on with the updates…..

Starting my third and final year as President, we have done some great things these last few years. As far as the reason we exist (no it is not just to drink beer and watch football), our scholarship awards the last three years have totaled over $32,000! This is due to the generosity of our members through membership sales and our sponsors who give so generously to our cause. We have sent nearly 30 Colorado/Wyoming high school students to Norman with scholarship dollars in hand.

Speaking of sponsors, we are starting our 8th season with our premier partner, Stoney’s Bar & Grill. We are truly fortunate to have Stoney and Will as our partners. Each year we work with the VJ Aaron and staff to ensure your game day experience is like no other, whether that is the food special or the new 50″ TVs. Another long term partner is Sooner Spectator Magazine and thanks to Jay Upchurch for donating two subscriptions this year. We have been tasting the Rockies (Coors Light) for three thirsty years. Metro 5280 Homes (Aaron Loggins) is in year two of its sponsorship and is there for all of your home buying and selling needs. We also have several first year sponsors: Pernod Brands, Constellation Brands, and the Wenner Group (Dave Frazier). However the season flows, these partners are here to support us.

While we have an amazing group of officers, we are looking to you for the future of this club. We are looking for energetic go-getters that want to be a part of not only the largest football watch party in the country, but be a part of the annual scholarship giveaway. While my term may be coming to a close, all good things don’t have to come to an end….despite what Geoffrey Chaucer might think. Unlike the exchange in the ISU game last week, our group is looking for a smooth hand-off for a touchdown. Many of you have expressed interest in helping out and I will be reaching out to you soon. If you are interested in volunteering for this amazing organization, please email

Where in Colorado is Your Watch Party (now with 3 front range watch party locations!!)
It is no secret that the OU Club of Colorado has expanded its presence along the front range and it’s because of our great success and demand from all you Sooner Alumni and Fans.  First we made Stoney’s Bar and Grill the largest OU watch party in the nation, with over 500 folks for most games!  Then we added the Colorado Springs Watch Party at the Old Chicago off of Academy at Austin Bluffs Parkway.  The Colorado Springs group is growing each and every week!

Now we are happy to Announce the 3rd Watch Party location is the Denver West Watch Party is now cooking, in the literal and figurative senses. The OU Club of Colorado is offering an alternative watch party experience. We are partnering with Billy Sims BBQ and the Skyline Pub (BSBBQ & SP) to bring you a quieter, smaller, more laid back atmosphere where you can get some barbecue, beers (specials on domestic drafts), and of course each and every OU Football Game!

Our main watch party will always be Stoney’s Bar & Grill and now we will have extra seating for our rival games (saxeT this Saturday) as well as a different flavor location for our fans!

Billy Sims BBQ & Skyline Pub will be host to the Thunder Watch Parties also – don’t tell me you are not getting excited about the new Big 3 in OKC.


It’s been a busy fall! 2 new Watch Party locations, and fundraising for OU Scholarships!

Upcoming Networking Events
I am delighted to report that our first Networking Night of the year will be coming up Thursday, October 26 at 6pm at BSBBQ & SP. This is your opportunity to network and talk about things other than football (of course you can talk about football). We have such a tremendous OU business community in Denver that we need to leverage. I see how other schools do this and have success connecting on a number of levels, something that is long overdue here in Denver. Please share this with your fellow Sooners. To RSVP, email

The OU Price College of Business is coming to Denver Friday, Oct. 20 and we’d love to have you at our reception!  Join us at LoDo’s from 5:00-7:00pm to learn more about how the OU MBA can help you reach your career goals.  RSVP online

Sooner Scoop
Running Club will be starting soon! Be on the lookout on social media for more announcements on this healthy meetup.

OKC Thunder vs Denver Nuggets Night – it is looking like Thursday, November 9, will have more details out soon via social media.

Last but not least….. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF texas!!!

Boomer Sooner!

OU Club of Colorado President