OU Has a Path to the Playoffs!

636083370554386580-583867405_maxresdefaultOU has a path to the playoffs!   Ranked #8 in both Coaches and AP Polls, the Sooners take on West Virginia in a top 10 match-up in Prime Time on National TV.  Beat the #9/10 ranked Mountaineers, and OU has OSU (who needs to beat TCU) to make Bedlam the defacto Big 12 Championship game. OSU is ranked #13, and they could be a top 10 match up as well.

Let’s assume Alabama, who has looked in a class by themselves so far, wins out, they are in as the #1 seed and the SEC championship.

Ohio St, needs to beat Michigan dropping Michigan below OU.  The problem, then becomes Wisconsin vs Penn State in the Big Ten championship.  A loss by Penn State to Michigan St in Happy Valley, sends Ohio St to the Big Ten Championship.  They beat Wisconsin to sow up the #2 slot, and OU should pass Michigan, Penn St and Wisconsin.

The third slot looks like it will belong to the ACC in Louisville or Clemson.  If both win out (and they should Louisville travels to Houston & then hosts Kentucky, with Clemson taking on Wake Forest then hosting rival South Carolina) we need Clemson (who would win the Atlantic because they beat Louisville head to head), to lose to the Coastal champ (looking like Virginia Tech).  Would the Playoff Committee pick 2 ACC teams???  This really could be what blocks OU’s chances

The last spot, then comes down to our Sooners fresh off of possibly two top ten victories in a row and winners of the Big 12 or Washington if they win the PAC-12.  If Washington looses to Washington St or to Colorado/Utah in the PAC championship game, they would have 2 losses and should drop below OU as their loss would be more recent.  If Washington wins out, they are likely to stay ahead of OU.

Yes, OU will need some help, but we have a path to the playoff.  Once we are there, we have a shot at the National Championship and Number Eight as the playoffs are a new season.  Of course if we win out and don’t go to the Playoffs, we go to the Sugar Bowl as the Big 12 champ and representative of the Big 12 against the SEC LSU or Florida, again, assuming ‘Bama goes to the playoffs.

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