April Scholarship Newsletter

The scholarship deadline is quickly approaching.  The deadline to turn in any applications is May 1.  If you know an incoming or current OU student from Colorado, please encourage him or her to apply for the club scholarship.  Last year we gave out 10 scholarships totaling $9000.  You can find out more information on how to apply and download the application on our website at: http://ouclubofco.org/scholarships/

Sooner Meet and Greet
Last month we hosted our “Sooner Meet & Greet” for high school seniors that have applied to OU.  We had about 50 people in attendance including 20 students.  The event was a great success, and we look forward to our annual Sooner Send off this summer. 

Our club officers at the March Sooner Meet & Greet (top left: Haley Wallace VP Scholarships, Kristin Bieberly President. Bottom: Haley Wallace, Brent Thompson Watch Party Chairman, Aaron Loggins Member at Large, Kristi-Raye Beaudin VP Membership, Mike Erker Member at Large, Daniel Dayton President Emeritus.)

 Update on Past Scholarship Recipients
Thank you again all for your continued support of the OU Club of Colorado and your generous donations and annual memberships that allow us to raise scholarship money.  We heard back from all of the 2013/2014 scholarship recipients after the start of their school year, and they are all very grateful for the club support and are enjoying their time in Norman.  I included some of their responses below. 
“I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for your extremely generous scholarship.  It is very helpful and appreciated especially because college is very expensive!  I am already really enjoying my time here, and I know OU is a great match for me”                – Miranda S.

“Thank you so very much for the scholarship I was awarded!  I really appreciate what you do in aiding students on their journey at the University of Oklahoma!” – Presten C.

“I wanted to thank you so much for awarding me the generous scholarship to attend the University of Oklahoma.  Currently I am a freshman majoring in Petroleum Engineering and plan to pursue additional studies in business. The scholarship provided will be of great assistance this year, and I am so grateful to have been chosen as a recipient”     – Francis G.  

“Thank you so much for the generous alumni scholarship.  Without this award, I would not be able to attend the beautiful University of Oklahoma.  Contributions like these truly make it easier to pay for my valuable education.   Your continued support is greatly appreciated.” – Olivia W. 
About a month ago we reached out to last year’s scholarship winners to see how the past year at OU has been.  Here is what one of the responses from bench scholarship winner, Sydney S.  

Class: Junior
Major or expected major: Broadcast Journalism
1. What has been your favorite or most memorable experience at OU this year?
I have two awesome experiences from this year that stand out.  First, I had the opportunity to take part in the Gaylord College Centennial Celebration.  It was fun getting to meet alumni from my college and hearing their stories.  Second, I went through OU’s Young Life College Leadership Training!  I’m officially a Young Life leader now, and I’ve made so many great friends throughout the process. 
2. What advice do you have for future Sooners from Colorado that will attend OU in the fall?
Get ready to experience the best years of your life!  Make the most out of your journey through college and get involved with campus organizations or clubs.  This is where you will meet your life-long friends. 
3. What has been the biggest surprise living in Oklahoma or attending OU that you did not expect?
I wasn’t expecting OU to be a close-knit community when I first moved here, but over the past three years, I’ve realized that OU is one big family! It’s amazing how friendly and helpful everyone is on our campus. 
4. Any message we can relay to the OU Club of Colorado from you or great stories from your year at OU?
I received a 4.0 GPA during the semester after I received the OU Club of Colorado Bench Scholarship! The money was definitely put to great use. 
5. What is the best part of going to OU and what does being a Sooner mean to you?
The best part of going to OU is being able to get the education I need to accomplish my goals.  I’ve also loved meeting new people.  Being a Sooner gives me so much pride. There’s just something special about that OU Chant… It gives me chills!
6. What are you long or short term goals for your remaining time at OU?
After this semester ends, I will have one full year left at OU.  I have made an Oklahoma bucket list for my remaining time here!  It includes restaurants, local attractions, and OU events that I want to experience before my time here is up.  I’ve also made it my goal to meet as many people as I can and spend as much time with my friends as I can because we will all be going different places after graduation. 
We are so touched to hear how amazing our scholarship recipients are doing at OU.  We will begin our selection process for the 2014/2015 year and announce the winners the in the first week or two in May.  If you have any questions about the scholarship form or process please do not hesitate to contact us at ouclubofco@gmail.com .

OU Club of Colorado President
OU Club of Colorado Officers:
Brandon Todd  
                         VP of Communications
Haley Wallace                           VP of Scholarships
Lori Taylor                                 VP of Fundraising 
Kristi-Raye Beaudin                   VP of Memberships
Brent Thompson                        Watch Party Chair
Mike Erker                                Member at Large  
Aaron Loggins                           Member At Large and Scholarship Committee
Jeremy Beal                              Member At Large
Daniel Dayton                            President Emeritus

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